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MSI Fix is a free utility that helps "unblock" Microsoft Installer setups. Use it when an MSI Setup program no longer allows you to install/repair/uninstall. This applications helps you remove the products MSI registry settings so you are free to reinstall. Drastic measures but better than reformating the hard disk.
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16-July-2004 Posted: 

Newsgroups: microsoft.public.vstudio.setup <<Tim Macaulay explains why some folk have problems with VS Install/Uninstall/Repair>> If you are on Windows XP, you can use msconfig.exe to stop all services and reboot the machine. You should then be able to execute the repair installation of the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net product. The Firewall and Anti-Virus? products now have a script blocking feature. This feature can cause difficulty in debugging, launching and/or installing the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net product. It is recommended that you work with these companies to configure it to allow Visual Studio .Net. Cheers, Tim Macaulay, MCSD, MCP.Net Microsoft Product Support

16-July-2004 RobChandler: 

I've been hit This time I got hit. I wanted to update to VS 2003. When I went to uninstall VS 2002 MSI said "could not find MSI file in the VS folder" (I didn't move it!!). I also found that MSI failed to Uninstall my Borland C# Builder and ComponentOne stuff. Joy I can use my own tool. I used MsiFix to remove all MSI stuff for these items and deleted all associated folders. Installed VS 2003 and things are OK again. Shesh! MSI gave me no alternatives at all. If I was a novice user I would have had to reformat the disk :-(